Chris has established himself as one of the biggest names in the arcade scene in Europe. He builds, maintains and imports arcade machines, and has been doing so for many years. During these years he’s gathered an amazing collection for himself, which served as the foundation and starting point for Blast Galaxy’s game inventory. Chris is responsible for servicing all our arcade machines, adding new gems to the collection, and ensuring the selection playable at Blast Galaxy is top-notch and always in pristine condition (a rarity nowadays)!


Born in the 70's, kid of the 80's, Steven literally grew up on video games and experienced the magic of the early arcades. 41 years down the line, he’s still at it and loves gaming as much as always. Having worked as a video game reviewer for 20 years, he knows the industry inside and out. Now he’s focussing on his hometown and love for the arcade, uniting both in this special arcade club. Steven takes care of the media side of things and will make sure Blast Galaxy is a safe haven for both gamers and cool events.