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Food & Drinks

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Food menu - itadakimasu
Fries (Mayo or ketchup) €3.-
Mexican Style loaded fries
  • - Mexican Pulled Chicken, Nacho Crunch, Pickled carrot, Chipotle Mayo, Lime Mayo, Spring Onion, Jalapeños
Indonesian Style loaded fries
  • - Rendang, Spring Onion, Lime Mayo
Cheesy Jalapeno fries
  • - House-made Cheese Sauce, Pico de Gallo, Jalapeños
Vegetarian loaded fries
  • - Fried Tofu, Maggi Sauce, Spicy Mayo, Pickled Carrot, Cucumber, Spring Onion, Fried Onion
Bitterballs (7 pcs) €7.-
Gyoza chicken (5 pcs)
  • - Flash fried with soy sauce and spring onion
Gyoza Veggie (6 pcs)
  • - Flash fried with soy sauce and spring onion
Mini Loempia’s (veggie - 10 pcs)
  • - Deep fried spring rolls with vegetable filling, Chili Sauce
Jalapeno Poppers
  • - Chipotle Mayo
Chicken Wings (8 pcs), Boneless Chicken (6 pcs)
  • - Honey BBQ
  • - Lemon Pepper
  • - Cheesy Jalapeño
  • - Hawaiian Punch
  • - Special
Cocktails - Kanpai!
Space Ginvader €9.-
Bombay Gin, Cucumber, Mediteranean Tonic
Bubble Bobby €9.-
Bobby's Gin, Orange slice, Indian Tonic
The G Funk €9.-
Tanqueray Gin, Orange juice
The Spicy Sailor €9.-
Sailor Jerrys Rum, Jamaican Ginger Beer, Bitters, Lime
Mexican Wake-up €9.-
Tequila, Orange juice, Grenadine
The Donald €9.-
Golden Tequila, Orange juice, Grenadine Syrup
The Trippy Surfer €9.-
Coconut Rum, Jägermeister, Pineapple
The Tennessee Doctor €9.-
Jack Daniels, Apple juice, Lime juice
The Bakeau Bro €9.-
White Rum, Coca Cola, Lime
The Skinny Bitch €9.-
Vodka, Sparkling Water, Lime
The Evil Reindeer - One Up €4.-
Because sometimes we all need a little Jägermeister in life
The Wild Man - One Up €6.-
Blast Beta Pilsner and a headbutt of Jenever
Golden Rupee €3.50
Golden Tequila, Orange slice, Cinnamon

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